We had a guest send us the following small description of their stay at Lady Loon and I thought I would share it with you. 

“Thanks for the wonderful autumn cottage visit!.  I thought I would send a little note about our experience.  I had reserved the cottage for our Saint Olaf alumni friend group stay for homecoming week.  After a long flight and a short drive from the airport we approached the driveway only to find a small sign with the street number of the cottage to the side of the driveway.  At first we were a little nervous, we couldn’t see the cottage from the road.  Only a leaf covered path tunneling under the canopy of an autumn forest in full-color grandeur.  Was this the right location?  What will we see?  After much research, many conversations and long travels; could it all be a hoax? 

Once through the forested path we turned to discover a very quaint lake cottage close to the lake.  Now excited by the location we began walking around the home only to discover the wail of two adult loons calling across the lake to one another.  The sun was beginning to set across the lake and it was a magnificent scene I will treasure. 

We entered the warm cottage with the excitement of a child on the eve of Christmas.  Under the gift paper, we found the sweet charm of a traditional lake cottage we remembered from years ago.  Ah yes....knotty pine walls, a fireplace, floral furniture, wicker patio furniture, wrought iron head boards and the cutest 1940’s vintage chrome dinette set.  Since I am stickler for cleanliness we immediately inspected the kitchen, bathrooms, etc. and as promised the place was spotless.  I started the tea pot and with little haste as my husband unpacked our luggage and built a campfire next to the lake.  We enjoyed the remainder of the setting sun next to the fire sipping our tea.  A promising start to an amazing vacation.  Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful place with us.”

Kindest Regards,  Lady Loon