There's a lot happening around the lake! Maybe the most unusual was a discovery of the frozen remains of a fairly large alligator on Lake Marion last week. Lake Marion is 10 miles East of Prior Lake.

I ran into “Oly” Olson at Fleet Farm and asked him about the alligator.  Oly in his Minnesota sing song accent was quoted saying “Ya, I was just out for a day ice fishing de crappies.  I just put down my fishing bucket and was clearing de snow away so I could drill a hole with the augur and there he was.  Ya, de alligator was half froze in the ice.  He is maybe 4 feet long but hard to tell in 2 feet of ice.  Ya know de ice, it makes things look bigger.” 

I asked Oly if he was concerned by the discovery.  He went on to say “Ya you bet, now everyone town will know de crappie spot.  I spose will see dat no good Johnson over der soon.”     

The Lake Marion Lake Association forwarded a picture of it to the Environmental Resources department. They consulted with the DNR, who concluded that it was likely an escaped or released pet from the area.

And that is the news from Prior Lake, Minnesota.  Lady Loon

Alligator on Lake Marion