Wow!....we have had some interesting weather lately!  The ice came off the lake the latest we have ever seen and we had a big snow storm in May.  Just to be funny I turned on our Christmas lights.  Needless to say the stoic Scandinavian immigrant decedents didn’t find the snow or our lights a laughing matter.  Oh well I thought it was funny…

On a sad note the late ice caused many of the loons returning to their lifetime nesting grounds found the Canadian Shield lakes in Minnesota frozen.  Unfortunately loons cannot land on the ground very well.  Worse yet they cannot take off or walk well on land either.  If they make it to a small open water pond it isn’t enough space to take off either.  Minnesota has the largest loon population in the United States and thanks to many volunteers and the Department of Natural Resources we were able to rescue many of the loons and bring them to the open rivers.

On positive note, Prior Lake had ice off before many of the Minnesota Canadian Shield lakes.  We actually have substantial increase in the loon population this year.  We have never seen such a large hatch of chicks on the lake.  Very fun!

Best, Lady Loon