It's been a quiet week in Prior Lake and then a glimpse of the weather. It's a fall day, geese flying south across a high blue sky, the air sweet and smoky, the woods in gorgeous colors not seen in Crayola boxes, and today a few snowflakes falling like little jewels from heaven. You awake to a world of radiant grandeur, trees glittering, the beauty of grays, and the bare limbs of trees penciled in against the sky.

I dropped my husband off at Bud's barbershop the other day while on my way to Engrens Market. The barbershop in many prairie towns is a social place for men to gather to get a haircut but more importantly to discuss local events and news. Barber's must be able to greet everyone by name, know about their family and keep a conversation going for the shop to be successful. The small town barbers have to walk a delicate line of maintaining everyone's interest and yet avoiding a brawl. My husband finds Bud's prodding of the stoic farmers with Norwegian ancestry entertaining. I thought I would share a little of our culture.

He ran into a few Norwegian farmers sitting on the bench at Bud Mohan's barbershop, where large phlegmatic people sit talking in their singsong accent. Bud asked, so how you been then? Oh, you know, not so bad, how's yourself, you keeping busy then? Oh yeah, no rest for the wicked. You been fishing at all? I was meaning to but I got too busy. How about yourself? Nope. The wife's got me busy around the house, you know. Yeah, I know how that goes.

Bud asked, how's harvest going? You know, not so bad you could say we are almost done. Yeah, it's been a dry fall and most of the corn and beans came in early, yeah know. What is the price of corn? Too high, maybe $7 . Is that from the drought? Well yeah know, it might be but could be some speculation. Yeah, probably grain traders and USDA in cahoots again. Probably should be $5. Yeah I heard someone bought a new S690 from Sema? Yeah, Pete got the new John Deere combine over there. He keeps it hidden because he don't want to show off. He mostly uses it at night with headlights. Yeah, $7 corn.

Bud goes on, what about the NHL lockout? Yeah, aren't we the state of hockey? Well yeah know its the Canuck (slang for Canadian) Owners who got everyone riled. What they thinking. What are we going to do for hockey night? Well the Goph's (Gopher's) weren't too bad last year. Yeah maybe watch them.

One of the younger farmers asks Bud, yeah how are yeah thinking about State Amendments coming on the ballot? Bud only responds, yeah. And that's the news from Prior Lake.

We wish you and your family Happy Holidays and all of God's blessings.

Kindest Regards,

Lady Loon